2018 Lesky Cattle Private Treaty Sale

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Cattle are available for viewing at the ranch starting October 1, 2018.

tag 230 tag 431
Tag 230 | March Steer
One in the Chamber x Showtime
"Brutus" has always been as stout as a train, and as hairy as a
bear, since he was born. He has a great disposition and is super
sound. He reminds us a lot of the One in the Chamber we sold
last year that was very successful. Even with this much muscle
mass and bone, he is still extended and balanced, and we feel
he is a sure contender for state fair level competition.
Tag 431 | March Steer
Pistol Pete x Monopoly
"Blizzard" comes from a long line of champions from our 747
Donor cow. His mother is a direct daughter of 747 and is a
2nd year heifer that didn't milk well, so he is a little green, but
study this one because he has all the right pieces to make a
great one when it matters most.
tag 6226 tag 822
Tag 6226 | March Steer
Goldie Locks X Chillfactor
Yellow shag, with some white chrome, make this calf one to
remember out in the lineup. His mother is another great steer
producer in our herd. No matter how we breed this cow, her
calves always make the cut and go on to do well. We don't think
this one will disappoint in the end. He continues to get better
Tag 822 | Steer
(MAB) x Daddy's $
NEW MEXICO BRED!!!! You asked for it and we are delivering.
This calf is big topped and sound footed and one that you can't
find a whole lot of problems with. Not only will he be a
competitor in the regular divisions, but he will also qualify for
those New Mexico bred honors as well.
tag 628 tag 433
Tag 628 | March Steer
Uncle Si x Sunseeker
"Ferdinand" has been a favorite on the farm since he hit the
ground. Maybe it's his wildly unique color pattern, or his shaggy
hair, or his big boned legs, or his puppy-like personality.
This guy has a lot of potential and we look forward to someone
dragging him to a bunch of shows. Bid with confidence on this
Tag 433 | March Steer
No Worries x Showtime
Who doesn't like a good baldie? Well, this one is definitely
unique! He is freaky long-necked and smooth-fronted as you
can make one, and at the same time he doesn't give up any
body and opens up to a huge hip. This one keeps growing on
us everyday and should be fun to feed and show all year.
tag 622 tag 832
Tag 622 | April Steer
Here I AM x RedKnight
This is the first HIA that we have bred and have been very
pleased with the direction he is headed. We've been told that the
HIA's are a little later in maturing, and really turn on the home
stretch...and he seems to fit that trend. There have been a lot of
HIA's winning on the show circuit and we don't see any reason
why this one won't make it to the backdrop.
Tag 832 | March Steer
I Believe x Walks Alone
NEW MEXICO BRED!!!! Study, study, study, and don't let this
one sneak past you. We've dubbed "Spot" the sleeper in the
group. He came to us real green, and from hot, droughty he is just now starting to put on the weight and
get some hair. He was super hairy as a calf and don't think
that will be an issue. You can't make them any sounder and
agile on their feet as this one. Everything is there to be a
great one, just give him some time.
tag 747 tag 747
Tag 747 | March Steer
In God We Trust x Goldmember
Silver Deluxe calf from that great 747 Dam of ours. This guy has
the look from the side, a sweet silver color, and great
genetics. We really don't think you can go wrong with this
one. Another offering that we have priced for the county fair
goer, that will also compete very well.
tag 135 tag 922
Tag 135 | April Steer
Business Done Right x Sunseeker
ET calf here out of our Angel Donor Cow. This is a half sib to Lot 7,
bred to BDR instead of Uncle Si, We are really excited about this
calf and think he is a neat individual. Great color and hair, stout,
and cool fronted. For a BDR calf, he is really chunky and is proving
to be a good feeder.
Tag 922 | April Steer
Back 2 Back x Casper
Black and white delight. Good looking young calf here. He is
super flexible off both ends and sound as a cat. He
combines this huge body and a smooth design. We look for
this one to make a great project for a mid-August show
or later.
tag 430 tag 430
Tag 430 | February Heifer
No Worries x Monopoly
This fancy girl is another granddaughter of our 747 Donor and
we are pretty excited about this one. If you all followed us last
year, we exhibited a pretty good HI HO heifer that was unbeaten
in class and won Reserve and Third overall at 2 National Shows.
WELL, we think this one is even better than her. If you want to
collect some banners, you better bid on this one and not let her
get away from you. Not very many opportunities like this one.
tag 945 tag 945
Tag 945 | February Heifer
Unstoppable x Lawdog
Another great heifer in the line up. This gal's full brother was Reserve
Champion at La Plata County Fair and won numerous jackpots.
She is very complete, sound, and is going to make a great market
tag 753 tag 753
Tag 753 | February Heifer
Texas Tornado x Kadabra

Market heifer is written all over this gal. She is a maternal half sister
to One in the Chamber steer from last. We think this one will
definitely compete with the boys.
tag 229 tag 229
Tag 229 | February Heifer
One in the Chamber x Who Made Who
Our heifers were outstanding this year (wish this one was a steer)
and this one is no exception. If you are looking for big belly, big butt,
and hairy, then this is your girl. She's been a standout from day one.
What more could you ask for?
Tag 522 | March Steer
Daddy's $ x Dakota Gold
"Auto" is a super easy feeder, big bodied, and hairy! Very complete
calf that should make a great fat steer with that desirable chubby
Tag 241 | March Steer
Monopoly 7 x Foreplay
Study this one guys, we think this is going to be a solid
calf to feed. We have priced him with the county 4-H'r in
mind, and think he will make a great project that can be
successful on the road if you just feed and take care of
Tag 629 | March Steer
Black Power Play x Paddy O'Mally
This Black Power Play really fits the new trend look. He is long
bodied, really extended through his front and smooth in his
design. Not the most powerful calf in the line up, but
definitely one that will give you the side profile the judges have
been leaning towards.
Tag 428 | April Steer
Hi Ho Silver x Simmi
Really nice, well balanced calf that has grown well so
far. He's younger, but has all the right parts. Not as
big haired or fancy as some, but very complete and an
easy feeder. We showed a HI HO heifer last year and
were very pleased with how they grow.
Tag 114 | April Steer
Uncle Si x Carnac
This is the youngest calf in our offering. We really like his color
pattern and overall composition. He is out of a more moderately
framed cow and think he would be best suited for a late August
show. He too will probably be more moderate in size, but should
be an easy feeder that has that super chubby, soggy fat steer look.
Tag 808 | Heifer
I Believe
NEW MEXICO BRED!!!! Flashy, eye-catching, great design,
and an impeccable set of wheels under her. These heifers
are just plain smokin'!! She has great design, and is just
greener than the others. Give her time in some cool weather
and non-droughty feed and this girl is going to shine bright.
Tag 326 | March Heifer
One in the Chamber x Strictly Business
"Doggey" is as tame as they come. She is super sweet and did
we mention this girl has booty as big as a mac truck and spring
of rib and volume that go on for days. She would be a prime
candidate for a light weight market heifer division. Not sure how
big in frame she will get, but will definitely finish and have the
Tag 530 | March Steer
Uncle Si x Sunseeker
This ET calf is a full brother to Lot 7. Great disposition, broke
to lead, washed daily and will have plenty of body and muscle.
We are just concerned with his structure at this point.
Will be sold AS IS - no guarantee on structure or soundness.
Tag 601 | March Steer
Gold Standard x Simmi
Will be sold AS IS - no guarantee on structure or soundness.
Never been haltered or worked with. Straight out of the
pasture, younger calf on a first year heifer, but will be a good
Tag 325 | April Steer
Hawkeye x Irish Whiskey
Will be sold AS IS - no guarantee on structure or soundness.
Never been haltered or worked with. Straight out of the
pasture calf with clubby genetics that will be a good